Will a running analysis help me to avoid injury?

We all move differently. Biological variation is the norm and varying movement and posture protects our bodies from repetitive strain over time. Running, however, is a repetitive activity involving high impact forces through the musculoskeletal system over varying distances. This is particularly the case when running on roads or pavements where there is little variety…

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Active News August

  Active News August Hope you all had an enjoyable Bank Holiday weekend – at least it didn’t rain! August has been a quieter month at Active with more people away on holiday etc, so it gave me the opportunity to take a week’s break in the Swiss Alps, enjoying the stunning scenery around Lauterbrunnen…

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 Why do I keep getting the same running injury?

A jogger walking along a sunny country road

  As if getting a running injury is not frustrating enough, the research evidence tells us that you are much more likely to get the same injury again in the future. Why is this? When we suffer a running related injury such as an Achilles tendinopathy, the injured structure goes through cellular changes as part…

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