Tim Veysey-Smith

Active Podiatry

Hi there. I'm Tim Veysey-Smith and I am the owner of  Active Podiatry . As a Podiatrist I am passionate about getting you back on your feet as quickly as possible whatever the cause of your foot, ankle or lower limb pain.

My Practice

I opened my new practice in 2018, situated in an area of outstanding natural beauty near Goudhurst and Marden close to my home and near to the trails I love to run and walk. The aim and focus of my practice is to help active people stay active, whether that is running, walking, exercising the dog or walking to the shops to get the morning paper! Foot pain can prevent us from doing all of those things and yet there is really no need to put up with it.

My Active Life

I have a lifelong passion for running and exploring the great outdoors, no matter what the weather, and have an odd compulsion for steep hills, whether running, hiking or skiing down them!  I compete in a number of trail running events throughout the year, usually based on how scenic they are rather than the distance! In 2021 I was lucky enought to get a ballot place for the London Marathon and as you can see from the photo I enjoyed every minute of it! (Well maybe not every minute)  I love to get out in the big open spaces wherever I can find them and enjoy the beauty of nature, taking regular breaks in Snowdonia, the Yorkshire Dales and other picturesque locations both in Great Britain and abroad.

​As a runner and outdoor fitness enthusiast I understand how frustrating injury can be. I can help you recover from your injury and get back to your favourite exercise, whether that is running, hiking or just walking to the shops. So please don't put up with your foot or leg pain; get in touch and let me help you get back on your feet!


My Work Life

I have been involved in professional health care most of my working life, having spent 10 years as an Ambulance Paramedic before switching careers to train as a Podiatrist in 1995. In 2009 I completed a Masters degree in Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation at the University of Kent and have a special interest in running related injuries.

I like to work with runners and active people, not just diagnosing the injury but identifying the issues that caused them to get injured in the first place, empowering them to make their own decisions that will help get them back to full recovery and stay injury free in the future.

Although I have a special interest in the treatment of running injuries, I enjoy the full scope of Podiatry and am happy to offer treatment and advice to all ages on any aspect of foot and lower limb health, from routine foot care to minor foot surgery. No treatment is too trivial and you will always get a warm welcome in my clinic whatever your needs.

My Team


Sam Hume

Clinical Assistant

Sam has been working with me for many years now, firstly at my clinic in Tonbridge, and more recently at our new Practice near Goudhurst. Sam works as our Clinical Assistant and Administrator, assisting me in our minor surgery clinics and generally keeping me organised! I will hand over to her to tell you a bit about herself.

About Me

"I have worked in health for the past 20 years, initially in the Maternity Unit in Tunbridge Wells and later in a clinical role for Tim.

I have always had a passion for working in a medical capacity and love interaction with patients most of all. If I can make your visit to Active Podiatry an enjoyable and stress free experience then I am happy that I have fulfilled my role.

Outside of work, I enjoy an active physical lifestyle. I have 2 enormous dogs who keep me fit and I do pilates and yoga to keep flexible and healthy."



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