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Ankle Sprains

Pain, swelling or bruising around your ankle joint? A sprained ankle can be a real problem - early management is key to recovery.

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Heel Pain

Heel pain or painful arches first thing in the morning? Pain on standing after prolonged sitting? This could be plantar fasciitis.

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Shin Splints

Do your shins ache when running? Shin splint type pain should not be ignored and correct management is important

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Stress Fractures

Foot pain when weight bearing? Swelling or dull aching when running? You may have a stress fracture.

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Forefoot Pain

Are you experiencing forefoot pain? Pain in the front of the foot could be due to a pinched nerve, tendon or muscle injury.

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Ingrown toe nails

Ingrowing toe-nails can be extremely painful, but there is no need to suffer. Find out how we can help.

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Calf Muscle Problems

Sudden cramp or sharp pain in the back of your calf? You may have a calf muscle tear or other calf problem.

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Athlete's Foot

Embarrassed by athlete's foot? Find out more about how to treat this fungal infection and how to avoid it in the first place.

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Verrucas or verrucae can be painful and infectious. A variety of treatments are available to stop them spreading.

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Painful blisters can be caused by wet or poorly fitting shoes or socks. Get advice on how to stop the problem occurring.

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Achilles Injuries

Overtraining or a change in running style can cause pain, swelling or stiffness in the Achilles tendon. Early treatment is crucial.

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Corns & Calluses

Corns and calluses, areas of hard skin on the foot caused by pressure can be removed easily giving instant pain relief

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Junior Athletes

Growing pains or growth plate injury? Foot or leg pain is common in junior athletes. Get proper advice and treatment where required.

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