Sports Injuries in Children

A junior athleteJust like us, children who are active and involved in sport are likely to get an injury at some point.

Running, jumping, climbing, hopping skipping are all activities that place loads on the musculoskeletal system and from time to time injuries will happen. However, unlike adults, children recover quickly and in most cases after a short break will be back winning the field!

One particular injury that is unique to children is a growth plate injury, where the soft growing cartilage on the ends of the bones get over strained, causing pain and discomfort in that area during activity. Common sites for this type of injury are the knee, where it is called Osgood-Schlatters disease, and at the back of the heel, where it is called Severs disease.

These injuries sound quite serious (it doesn’t help that they are labelled as diseases!) but in fact a relative period of rest from activities which are causing pain usually settles things down and the condition is self-limiting as the growth plates harden with the onset of puberty.

Wearing supportive footwear and fitting orthotic insoles can all help to offload the injured area, relieve pain and promote healing so that the young athlete can return to sport more quickly.

It is important to be aware of other causes of foot and leg pain in active children. Podiatrists are trained to recognise the difference between the various different causes of foot and leg pain in children in order to advise concerned parents and the child on the best course of treatment.

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