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Are you frustrated by foot pain?
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Frustrated by foot or leg pain?

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Foot Pain

Foot pain, ankle pain, heel pain or leg pain - it's frustrating not being able to do your favourite exercise. Whatever the cause of your foot pain, I can help you get back on your feet and doing what you love. Find out more about how I can help you get rid of your foot pain  and stay active!

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Sports Injury

Are you struggling to recover from a sports injury? Read my free Sports Injury Blogs to find out how you can recover more quickly from stress fractures, shin splints, ankle sprains, calf strains, plantar fasciitis, achilles tendon problems and more.

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Foot Care

Whether it's cracked heels, verrucas, hard skin or nail problems stopping you from enjoying your favourite activities, I can give your feet the care they need. Click here to find out how I can help with your foot problems

Sports podiatrist using a treadmill for gait analysis

Gait Analysis

Do you experience pain when running?  Are you worried your running technique might be increasing your risk of injury? Get an assessment including muscle strength testing, stability and gait analysis. Find out how to reduce your risk of injury and improve your running efficiency .

"I am very pleased with the  treatment and exercise advice that you gave me to make my foot feel so much better. I know where to come if I have any more foot problems and will definitely tell my friends about you. Thank you again."


"After 9 months of trying to sort out a painful Achilles tendon problem, sadly without any lasting success, I eventually decided to visit the Clinic. Fortunately, I was introduced to Tim Veysey-Smith and he quickly established the likely cause of my heel pain. With his guidance and support over a few short months, the daily pain that I had been experiencing has disappeared and I have even managed to meet my goal of getting back to regular running. Thank you very much Tim."


"Thanks to Tim Veysey-Smith for his help with a tendon injury I picked up when running. I had trouble even with walking when I first had the injury and now I am back running thanks to good advice on how long to rest and on the strength exercises I needed to do. Very glad I went to the Clinic - highly recommend."


"Having visited a number of chiropodists in the area, Tim Veysey-Smith is in my opinion one of the best, ensuring chiropody can be a pain free experience."


"I suffered an attack of plantar fasciitis 6 weeks before a half marathon I was training for. I went to see Tim and he got me up and running again in time to run the race. Knowledgeable, friendly and gives clear advice."


"I came to Tim with metatarsals pain in my foot which was causing problems with both walking and running. The treatment he suggested (orthotics initially) has been very successful and I also underwent gait analysis which provided some helpful recommendations to help avoid future injury."


"I visited Tim after a prolonged recovery from a stress fracture in my foot. He gave me exercises to prevent further injury and identified weaknesses that could have contributed to it in the first place which we worked on during the sessions. Tim gave me the confidence to start running again and guided me through the rehabilitation process - I won’t forget the first session of running that I did after nine months recovering from my injury, at my session with Tim. He’s also not hesitated to see me when I have had niggles since. I would thoroughly recommend Tim."


"I used Tim for the first time five or six years ago when I had nasty calf tear playing squash. He strapped me up so I could hobble about whilst it healed, and got me back on the court in a couple of months. More recently and more pertinently Tim has fixed a couple of long term triathlon issues, ones that I just couldn't shift on my own, but with Tim's help have gone. The first one, a hip issue I lived with for a couple of years, and Tim's exercises have eradicated it entirely. Super stuff by any measure."


"Very helpful and gave great advice for what to do in the future. Felt very welcomed and was more than happy to come back for the follow up appointment. Would very highly recommend 👍🏻"


"I first met Tim when he sorted out an issue for my son. I approached him again when I injured my Achilles running. I have now had a course of shockwave therapy and my injury is far less painful allowing me to run again. Thank you Tim."


"I had an ingrown toenail and I must admit that I wasn't looking forward to the surgery - I needn't have worried! Tim and Janine provide a first class professional and friendly service - I would highly recommend Active Podiatry."


"I recently visited Active Podiatry following a series of Calf Injuries which were seeming impossible to shake off. After my first appointment with Tim my problem was discussed and after a series of strength exercises were observed I was set up with a comprehensive training programme to target my specific injury. It has now been 3 months since my last appointment and I haven't suffered any further problem with injuries. My running has improved and the hard work is paying off with some Personal bests at my local Parkrun. I can highly recommend Active Podiatry and the expertise of Tim. He has a first class practice with a calm, friendly and professional environment. All the best Ben Pearce"

"I came to Tim at Active Podiatry having suffered considerable pain in my feet brought on plantar fasciitis. Tim was amazing in getting me pain free coupled with a comprehensive rehab plan. I chose Tim because, as a runner, I wanted someone who understood the frustration of my injury and to help me get back out running. I would totally recommend Tim to anyone who has suffered an injury and wants to keep being active!"


"I went to see Tim following a variety of Injuries bought on by poor running form and strength deficiencies. I needed some robust advice on how to progress to pain free running and was not sure about the necessity of expensive orthotics as previously advised. Having carried out an assessment on the treadmill and a number of strength tests I was given a clear set of strength and conditioning exercises which have since allowed me to progress towards marathon training without the constant niggles."


"I went to Tim for treatment on a stubborn verucca, after a very informative consultation he recommended Needling as the most effective treatment. I decided to give it a go and so glad I did, the procedure was completely painless and I was well looked after throughout, 6 months later the verucca has disappeared. Would certainly recommend!"


"If you are thinking of seeing Tim then go for it as he has changed my life! I was struggling with a problem on the sole of my foot and thought my walking days were over. I am now 100% back on the trail and cant thank him enough. Definitely worth the 5 stars!"


"I Initially went to Tim with with calf/achilles problem. He didn't just treat this but also helped to identify muscle weaknesses that could be contributing to this and will hopefully help to improve my running in the future. Recommended"


Absolutely excellent and professional service. Tim has helped the healing of my foot where both my GP and A&E let me down. I can’t recommend enough .


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