They Think It’s All Over – It Is Now…..

They Think Its All Over – It Is Now……

Well, can’t say I didn’t see it coming, and here we are. No London Marathon this Spring, postponed to, fingers crossed, October, a chiller prospect perhaps, but we may appreciate a giant street party after all the bad stuff we are going to have to get through in the next few months.

Today was supposed to be a 2 ½ hour long run, but I didn’t do it, instead plumping for a steady 14K with my running bussies form Horsmonden Runners. And why would I? At the earliest my next chance to run the Marathon will be in the Autumn, and the intensity of marathon training puts stresses and strains on the body which, even with the best training plan in the world, increases risk of an overuse injury.

So I will be dropping back on the long runs, while keeping my weekly runs at the same distance to keep my weekly overall mileage. At the same time I am planning to work on my speed, getting back into hill repeats, intervals and Fartlek (stop sniggering at the back) training once or twice a week as this has classically been a weak area in my training. Strength training is going ok, but needs to be more consistent, so into the gym for me 2 to 3 times per week, working on core and overall strength and flexibility. The hope is to arrive at the start of the training plan 16 weeks before stronger and faster. And ready!

So when will this be? London have given me options:

  • Cancel altogether and get a refund. Not going to lie I’ve thought seriously about it! This was always going to be one last try; a final reunion with an old friend with no particular goal apart from try to enjoy it. I am really not that fussed. But, you know what? Nah, I don’t think so. I’ve already put too much into it, plus there is the small matter of my sponsorship with Forgotten Feet, and a nice branded running shirt sitting in my running kit drawer ready for the big day.


  • Run it in October. Actually I’ve always liked running in the Autumn; it is probably my favourite time of the year to run. But it does mean training through the Summer in the (hopefully) heat of the sun, which could be a grind and difficult as broken up by holidays etc. Also, and perhaps more importantly, there is the slightly delicate issue of it being on the day of my wife’s birthday! Thanks London. Now what would you do? Think very very carefully I would suggest!


  • Defer to April 2021. At the moment this is my preferred option. The Marathon takes place in April for a number of very good reasons and, apart from training through the Winter, puts me out the least. Also, I will be 60 (yeah I know, I don’t look it) so feels like a fitting age to be retiring from road marathons. Who knows it might catch on and I might start thinking of other things to retire from!


My final thoughts are to all those of you who have invested time, effort, energy and money in this event, raising sponsorship, grinding out long runs in the filthy weather we’ve been having, and coping with the inevitable niggling injuries that often come with the intensity of the training.


Understand that your training has not been in vain; you get to have another crack at it. Right now there is the small matter of a global pandemic to get through, and perhaps standing on the start line of one of the world’s most famous sporting events, with the roar of the crowds spurring you on, is a nice thing to look forward to.

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