Top tips for walking in hot weather

Top tips for walking in hot weather


I had a useful chat with a patient recently who is lucky enough to be heading off to Greece for some walking and island hopping this Summer, and he was asking me for some tips about how to maintain his foot health during his trip.

When walking in hot countries there are 3 important considerations.


  1. Supportive footwear. Despite the warm weather and the desire to slip into flip flops, your feet will still benefit from support on those dry stony paths often found in warmer climates. Heavy walking boots are not conducive to hot weather, so consider investing in a lighter walking boot or trainer which is breathable and designed for hot weather. If even this is too much, try some trekking sandals which will at least give you some support on those uneven surfaces while you admire the sea views.


  1. Allow room for expansion. Your feet will swell up more in hot weather so make sure there is room for expansion by adjusting the lacing or going for a half size bigger if needed. Buy your holiday walking shoes later in the day when your feet will have expanded.


3. Hydration. What does this have to do with foot health? Well, lack of hydration means less fluid getting to the tissues when they needed, increasing muscle and tendon fatigue. Fluid loss will also negatively affect your energy levels, turning a pleasant sunny stroll into an ordeal.



Finally don’t forget the sun cream is for your feet as well as the rest of your body when barefoot or wearing sandals. Sunburn on the top of your feet will make wearing your walking shoes uncomfortable, spoiling your enjoyment.


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