Would I Benefit From a Gait Analysis?

gait analysisGait analysis is literally watching you walk! The aim is to check movement patterns which may be contributing to injury or pain.

​This may be as simple as watching you walk up and down in the corridor using the Mk 1 Eyeball, right up to more complex assessments using a treadmill with multiple cameras to record data.

Which one do you need?

It really depends on what the problem is. If it is straightforward then a quick walk up and down may give me all the info I need. On the other hand if you are a runner I may want to look at your running style on the treadmill.  Here are some of the gait analysis tools I use to assess your gait:

  • ​The Mark 1 Eyeball - watching you walk!
  • iPad slow motion video - the high definition camera on the iPad is excellent for capturing data and slowing it down so subtle movement patterns can be clearly seen
  • Pressure mat - this enables me to look at the forces going through the foot when walking barefoot across a special floor mat. It gives me useful information such as high pressure areas, relative speeds and any significant differences between the left and right foot.
  • Opto Gait (Coming soon) - using a treadmill with cameras situated at different angles to capture important data enables me to look at running technique and identify any movement patterns which may increase the risk of injury.

I have a small favour to ask you.

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