10 x training tips for running injury prevention

This is a ‘brain dump’ of some of my top tips to reduce your risk of getting a running related injury. All of these are based on evidence, experience and common sense!


  1. Follow the 80/20 rule. 80% of your runs should be easy with 20% at high intensity.
  2. Back to back runs are ok, but try to avoid consecutive training runs at high intensity.
  3. Introduce some strength and conditioning into your training.
  4. Introduce some cross training activities into your training programme to vary loads through the body.
  5. Avoid high intensity runs if you are feeling tired or unwell. If unsure, leave it out altogether and live to fight another day!
  6. Try running on different surfaces and vary your running routes to avoid repetitive strain.
  7. Avoid static stretching just before a run. Do dynamic warm ups such as easy strides instead to prepare your body for running.
  8. Schedule at least one clear day of rest from exercise into your training plan.
  9. Make sure any changes to your running volume, frequency or intensity are introduced incrementally using the 10% rule as a guideline.
  10. Make sure your running shoes are comfortable and appropriate to the surface and conditions you are running in.


Taking the above tips on board will make you a safer, more efficient and stronger runner, less likely to develop a show stopping injury.

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