Fungal Nail Infections – The Facts

A patient with a fungal toe nail problem

The Problem - Fungal Toe Nails

Fungal infection of the toe nails is a common complaint affecting 30% of the population. Once established on the nail bed, it distorts the shape of the nail, causing it to become discoloured and thickened. It is very resistant to treatments as topical anti-fungal treatments applied on to the nail simply sit on the nail and cannot penetrate through to the infected nail bed where the problem is. Oral anti-fungal medication is effective but can have unpleasant side effects and we are often asked if there are any other solutions that work.

The Solution

Fenestration is a safe treatment for fungal nail infections that really does work!

Fenestration, sometimes also called Lacuna, is a technique where tiny holes are drilled into the infected nail plate. This allows anti-fungal medication to be introduced through the holes onto the nail bed, completely eradicating the fungus and often improving the appearance of the nail. Although people often wince when this technique is described, it is usually pain free as the nail has no nerve endings and the holes are tiny. Anti-fungal medications are then applied daily to the nail bed through the holes over several weeks and the holes are re-drilled as necessary until the infection is gone. It really is as simple as that and the treatment is safe with no side effects.

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