Spring Running Tips

Spring Running Tips

Spring is here, or at least it looks like it, even if it doesn’t feel like it outside!. Spring is a time to start up your Summer training plan, sort out your shoes and gear for the warmer weather, or maybe venture out for the very first time as a new runner. Here are some essential tips to get the most from those long running days in the Spring sunshine.


Get the right shoes for the harder trails

If you are running the trails, you have probably noticed the surfaces getting harder underfoot. This may be a good time to check your trail shoes to make sure they have sufficient cushioning and support for the surface you are running on, whilst having sufficient grip for the odd slippery bits. If you are running on the roads, nothing has changed so crack on!


Start base building

The Pandemic has shifted the running events diary with many endurance running events now taking place in the Autumn, including the big one, the London Marathon. Now is the time to start base building your weekly mileage if you are planning a longer running event in preparation for the forthcoming training plan and the longer miles. The longer days give more scope to fit in those longer runs. This is also a good time to build some strength training into your routine. Hit the outdoor gym with some heel raises, squats and lunges to get you going.


Enjoy the longer days

Whilst we are talking about longer days, now is a good time to test out when you perform best as a runner. Are you an early bird, or a latecomer, cruising along in the evening twilight? The longer days also offer the possibility of breaking your longer runs into two, going out early and then later on. This can be an advantage if you are time poor or find the prospect of a longer run daunting.


Keep hydrated

With Spring comes warmer weather, (usually anyway!) and with it the need to hydrate as sweating increases. Now is a good time to practice your hydration strategy for forthcoming events, deciding if and how you are going to carry water on your longer runs.


Short or long sleeves?

Short or long sleeves? This is the dilemma facing many runners venturing out into the crisp Spring air! Too many layers and you get overheated, too few and it feels uncomfortable, especially in this unseasonably cold weather we are facing. You can always carry an extra layer in a bum bag or tied around your waist in case you get too cold.


Getting out there for the first time

Many new runners start their running journey in the Spring. The longer days and brighter weather provide a perfect setting to take those first running steps. If you are going out for the first time, don’t be too ambitious, pick a route you know of around 5K or less, and walk/jog round it the first few times, enjoying the scenery. Alternatively, downloading the Couch to 5K app onto your smartphone and following their programme makes it even easier to get going.


Try something new

Spring is a time for new life and new growth, so if your routine feels a bit jaded, why not try something new? Look for some new routes, join a running group, try switching from roads to trails, get some sessions with a running coach, perhaps enter your first ever race. These are just some of the ways you can mix up your training and make it more interesting.


Whatever you decide to do, Spring is an enjoyable time for running, so get out there and have fun!

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  1. Joe Watts on May 6, 2021 at 1:05 pm

    Great advice. Running with group is definitely a good idea as it can help with motivation and connecting with others is great for mental health too.

    • Tim on May 12, 2021 at 6:50 pm

      Thanks for your comment Joe. Yes I love running with our local group as it motivates me to push a bit harder than I normally would. The banter is classic too!

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