White Tape. 2.5 inch


White semi-rigid thin tape for taping around and stabilising the toes in the case of forefoot pain. Also useful to help secure dressings.

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This thin semi rigid tape is great for taping around the toes to stabilise them and relieve forefoot pain. I find it especially useful with plantar plate injuries where the ligament under the base of the toes gets damaged. This is a common injury in runners and responds really well to this simple taping technique.

It can also be used to keep the toes apart where they are rubbing, or taping the toes together to provide extra support for a painful toe.

Using this tape can be fiddly so I suggest getting professional advice from us before attempting to put it on yourself.

Allergy risk is low but if you get any symptoms such as itching and burning with a rash under and around the taped area you should immediately remove the tape, wash the glue off the skin with warm soapy water and seek medical advice.

Applying this tape can affect and alter mechanical loading which may lead to painful symptoms. You should not use it if you are unsure of how to correctly apply it.


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