Cryo Derma Wheat Bag


Wheat bag to relieve aches and pains due to injuries or arthritic type conditions.

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Applying heat to an injured area can help to relieve pain and increase recovery by enhancing the pro-inflammatory response around the injury by opening up the local blood vessels and increasing circulation to and from the injured area. 5 minutes application is usually sufficient to generate a healing response.

Wheat bags can be heated in the microwave and have a soft cover so they are comfortable against the skin and can be moulded around the injured area.

Please read the manufacturers instructions before using this product as they contain important safety advice.

You should not use this product if the area is already warm or in the early stages of an acute injury.

You should not use this product on broken or sensitive skin,

You should consult us before using this product if you are diabetic, have circulatory issues, a loss of sensation in the area or if you are unsure of the products suitabilty for your requirements.


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