Ingrown toe nails

How can nail surgery help with my ingrown toe nail?

Are you suffering from a painful ingrown toe nail? Perhaps you have been to see your GP, had antibiotics, but the problem keeps coming back. This is because the problem, a splinter of nail in your toe, has not been dealt with. If you get a splinter in your finger, the solution is to remove the splinter. It is the same with an ingrown toe nail. In order to make the pain go away, the splinter needs to be removed.


At Active we can remove your ingrown toe nail in a safe and pain free way, making sure it does not grow back again. Our clients are delighted with the results and we have better than a 95% success rate with this procedure.

What happens at a nail surgery appointment?


Before the procedure

Before the procedure, a full assessment will be carried out at a convenient time to ensure it is safe to be performed. This will also be an opportunity to discuss at length the procedure. Our aim is to ensure you are fully informed and happy as to what is to be done. We will not carry out the procedure if there are any concerns which we cannot address satisfactorily.

podiatrist administering a local anaesthetic

During the procedure

There are 3 stages to the operation:

  1. You will be given an injection of local anaesthetic which will make your toe numb
  2. Once the toe is numb, the podiatrist will remove all or part of the nail and will use a chemical to destroy the exposed nail bed. This ensures that the removed section of the nail will not grow back making it a permanent fix.
  3. A dressing will then be applied to the toe and you will be able to walk normally, although you are strongly advised not to drive whilst the toe is numb.


Will it be painful afterwards?

There may be some discomfort after the anaesthetic wears off, but in most cases this can be relieved with your usual pain killers.


Dressings and follow-ups

You will need to return to have the dressing changed within a few days of the procedure being carried out. The dressing will need to be changed on a regular basis and we will discuss with you the best arrangements to ensure your toe receives appropriate care until it is healed and you are back to pain free activity.

A runner jumping in a grassy field

Ensuring your safety

All surgical procedures are carried out at our specialised nail surgery facility near Goudhurst. Our treatment rooms are fully equipped to the highest standards with modern and up to date instrument cleaning and sterilising facilities. All operative procedures are carried out using sterile, single-use disposable instruments to ensure a safe and clean environment.

As a further aid to safety and clinical efficiency, a qualified medical assistant is also present to assist during the surgery.

We have years of experience and many satisfied clients who have benefited from our nail surgery. You can be assured of professional service and a rapid resolution of your painful ingrown toenail problem.


Do not delay in getting your ingrown toe nail sorted out. We are here and ready to help so get booked in now!